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Who is 22JIG?

22JIG was established to help employers navigate the continually evolving governmental support provided by incentives and grants.

We are a team of passionate professional people who are constantly looking for both State and Federal Government incentives that may be suitable for your business.

Why did we start 22JIG?

We came together for a variety of reasons:

  • Primarily to assist our clients in accessing the various funding opportunities that have been implemented since the Covid pandemic.
  • We found there was a general lack of knowledge and understanding of the availability of government funding for businesses who were suffering from the pandemic.
  • Once these businesses discovered the funding, they were unsure of how to apply for the funding and what was required to make the progressive claims.
  • We also found that when they tried to make their own application, the application process was too involved and complicated which resulted in them missing out on the incentive.
  • This meant that eligible businesses were missing out on much needed financial assistance.

What is our experience?

We are accountants who have extensive experience working with both State and Federal government and their associated websites and portals.

Being in the accounting industry makes it easier to navigate all the required government departments and portals to have a quick claim turnaround.

Our extensive knowledge of the processes involved in completing the applications, make for a seamless experience for our clients, and allow them to continue what they do best: running their business.

Based on your business, we match the available funding options to your business to ensure you receive all that is possible.

And more importantly, our results…

Finding incentives and funding is not an easy process. In fact, most of our successful applicants didn’t even know the funding was available let alone how to apply for it.

With the Covid pandemic and its effect on small and medium businesses, both State and Federal Governments have introduced a variety of different fundings to assist these businesses to continue to operate through the tough times.

More than 95% of our clients have been successful is securing one or more of the many Government grants and incentives that have been available over the past 24 months.

What can we do for you?

Give us a call and we can discuss your particular requirements to see if you too qualify for Government assistance when hiring new staff.

Taylor Made

We partner you with the RTO which suits your business.  

We look for the training method, be it online or in the class room or a combination of both that is going to mean successful completion by your employee of the chosen course.

Service directed at your Business

We take the confusion out of the whole process from helping you choose a relevant course, finding a suitable RTO and making the claims. 

You let us know what you are after and we do the rest.

No Financial Risks

There are no upfront payments required.  

You don’t make any payments until your application has been made.

Our fees depend on the funding you receive.

For details of our fees, please contact us.

22JIG is a specialist consulting agency helping your business access training subsidies and accessible grants. Most businesses don’t know of the available fundings introduced by the Government.