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It is the VSGP’s belief that all schools should be encouraged to consider their grounds and outdoor learning as an important part of their student’s education.

School gardens make interesting and involving outdoor classrooms.

By establishing and/or expanding the green environment in schools it not only improves the aesthetic appearance but can make an exciting outside learning environment with greater benefits of student health and wellbeing.

By involving students in the process helps them to take ownership, pride and care of the space.

This grant provides seed funding to schools to establish new gardens or repair existing garden in their schools.

Location: Victoria

Who Can Apply:

  • Education

The Grants program has a variety of Grant categories to enter with nursery vouchers and garden product prizes for schools to receive and are open to all State Government, Catholic and Independents schools across Victoria.

Grant Categories:

  • Edible Garden
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Sensory Garden
  • School Yard Make Over
  • Biodiversity Garden
  • Local Nursery
  • Garden Compost Soil
  • Orchard Establishment Grant
  • Outdoor Common Room
  • Seedling Tray Package
  • Spring Seedling Package
  • Steel Planter & Edging Package
  • Turf Victoria Establishment
  • Vegepod
  • VegTrug Package.

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