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The Victorian Property Fund (VPF) is a trust fund established under the Estate Agents Act 1980 and administered by Consumer Affairs Victoria. Income for the fund comes from:

  • licence fees and fines paid by estate agents and conveyancers
  • interest on trust accounts of licensed estate agents and conveyancers
  • investment income.

Location: Victoria

Who Can Apply:

  • Businesses
  • Government
  • Individuals

Amount: $20,000

Grants from the VPF can be awarded for various property-related purposes. These include:

  • community education, advice or information services
  • programs promoting ownership of real estate
  • training estate agents and agents’ representatives
  • dispute resolution and advocacy services
  • reviewing, reforming or researching real estate law
  • reviewing and researching the real estate market
  • housing assistance for low income or disadvantaged Victorians
  • developing environmentally sustainable housing
  • protecting Victoria’s natural and architectural heritage.

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