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Austrade’s Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) program helps Australian businesses grow their exports in international markets. These grants encourage small to medium enterprises to market and promote their goods and services globally.

EMDG is an eligibility-based, demand-driven program. This means all eligible applicants receive a grant from the available funds. The grant amount depends on the:

  • Number of eligible applications in the round (referred to as demand)
  • Available program budget shared among all eligible applicants.

Location: Australia

Who Can Apply:

  • Businesses

Grants are for eligible promotional activities undertaken by small to medium sized exporters and representative bodies. Small to medium enterprise (SME) exporters can apply for grants over 8 years in total (not necessarily consecutively).

Representative bodies have no maximum grant years. Grants for businesses are available in 3 tiers with each providing a different level of support for SMEs as they grow their export markets. The tiers are:

  • Ready to export
  • Exporting and expanding
  • Exporting, expanding and strategic shift.

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