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Provides new housing and accommodation for regional communities where workers in key industries and their families are struggling to find places to live.

The fund will support employers to attract and retain workers by supporting projects that create more affordable housing and accommodation. This will stimulate economic growth and support our regions to thrive.

The fund will support the delivery of housing, accommodation and related infrastructure, across all Victorian rural and regional Local Government Areas.

Location: Victoria

Who Can Apply:

  • Government
  • Non-Government
  • Education
  • Health
  • Community Groups
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Businesses

The desired outcomes for the Regional Worker Accommodation Fund are:

  • A net increase in appropriate and affordable regionalhousing and accommodation for key workers and theirfamilies.
  • Regional businesses and services are better able to meettheir immediate and future staffing needs.
  • Regional communities have improved access to servicesthrough attraction and retention of workers in sectorscritical to their location.
  • A thriving, healthy and sustainable workforce, through safe,well-designed and environmentally sustainable projects thatare integrated with their community that benefits the location.

Funding will be provided for housing, accommodation andrelated infrastructure that increases the supply of appropriateand affordable housing and accommodation for key workersand their families.

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