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Aims to improve fish habit across Victoria’s marine, estuarine and freshwater fisheries. The Fish Habitat Improvement Fund presents an opportunity to encourage and empower recreational fishers to get involved and improve their local fishery.

The fund will also build partnerships and co-investment opportunities across agencies to address larger-scale fish habitat priorities across the state.

Location: Victoria

Who Can Apply:

  • Sporting Clubs
  • Government
  • Non-Government
  • Education
  • Community Groups

Stream 1

Empowering recreational fishers to improve local fishhabitat (community led projects up to $50,000 and up to 18months in duration):

  • These projects will deliver small-scale works to improvelocal fish habitat works alongside waterways such asnative vegetation planting, weed control, erosioncontrol, fencing (to keep livestock out) on public orprivate land.
  • This stream will help recreational fishers get involved,build capacity and establish partnerships with other fishhabitat partners and land managers.

Stream 2

Partnerships to address critical fish habitat priorities:working together to restore, recover and rebuild fishpopulations (up to $200,000 over 2 years):

  • This stream will deliver larger-scale projects involvingmultiple partners and strong co-investment to restore,recover fish habitat and contribute to rebuilding fishpopulations.
  • Applicants for this stream will require advanced projectmanagement capacity, leadership and connections withrecreational fishers and other relevant stakeholders.

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