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Provides small project grants to assist regional groups, industry and advisors with local projects for the dairy industry.

The DairyTas Small Project Grants Program is one initiative that enables dairy farmer groups and other organisations in any of the regions of the State to apply for funding to undertake initiatives to help the dairy industry and to help develop local solutions to local problems.

Location: Tasmania

Who Can Apply:

  • Non-Government
  • Community Groups
  • Businesses
  • Other

Amount: $10,000

Priority areas include:

  • assisting dairy farmers to manage change
  • improving whole farm productivity and profitability
  • sustaining the natural resource base
  • animal and feedbase performance
  • improving business and management skills
  • training and education

A grant amount will usually comprise three components:

  • Salaries; project staff, contractors, consultants etc
  • Operating costs; materials for field trials, hire of venues, photocopying, printing, telephone, stationery etc
  • Travel; vehicle hire, travel expenses etc

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